Growth of (Platanus orientalis L.) Seedlings under Different Drought Stress Condition




Leaf area ratio, Platanus orientalis L. seedling, Root shoot ratio, Water holding capacity


A lath house study was performed in order that understand the adjustment responses to three different water conditions of Platanus orientalis L. seedlings trying to make them able to adjust to new under dry conditions. Eight months seedlings were exposed to three water regimes (90, 60 and 30% water holding capacity [WHC]) were used r with a completely randomize design. The following parameters were measured; seedling height, leaf area, total chlorophyll content in the leaves, root length, root to shoot ratio, total dry mass, and leaf area ratio. It is found that water stress significantly reduced height and base diameter of seedlings, total chlorophyll per leaf, biomass allocation. The highest mean of leaf area, chlorophyll content, total dry mass, and moisture content were found under the treatment of 90% and 60% (WHC). However, the highest mean in root length was obtained under 30 % of (WHC). The data show that 30 % of (WHC) reduce seedling growth of P. orientalis L., on the other hand, seedlings showed positive responses to 90% and 60 of (WHC) in this research. Variations in root length can be used as an indicator for planting this species and tree development under drought stress condition.


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