Effects of Fly Ash and Granulated Ground Blast Furnace Slag on Stabilization of Crude Oil Contamination Sandy Soil





ANOVA, Compaction, Fly ash, GGBFS Slag, Strength


This paper deals with on stabilization of crude oil-contaminated soil. Industrial waste materials such as GGBFS and fly ash (FA) are used to achieve acceptable results for compaction and strength properties. GGBFS and FA utilized in two groups of soil (clean soil and 6% contaminated with crude oil) with varying proportions of GGBFS and FA by weight of soil. The primary goals of this study explain to establish a conclusion that GGBFS and FA are the best byproduct stabilizer material for increasing the strength and stability of soil by investigating samples of soil. In this study, the effect of GGBFS and FA on compaction properties (OMC and MDD) and direct shear strength (cohesion and angle of friction) observed. Different percentages of GGBFS (0%, 10%, and 15%) and FA (0%, 10%, and 15%) by dry weight were utilized in mixtures of sandy soil samples for different experiments. Ultimately, bases on the experimental results, it is summarized that the use of industrial wastes, i.e. GGBFS and Flyash, are affected in shear strength and compaction properties. Although, they have environment-friendly behavior for the construction project purpose.


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