The Fate of Contractual Obligations Amidst COVID-19 An Analytical Legal Study


  • Rebaz A. Bakir Alhawezy Department of Law, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Koya University, Koya KOY45, Kurdistan Region – F.R. Iraq



Covid-19 crisis, contractual obligations, the national and international levels


The Covid-19 crisis, known as Corona, has a negative effect on contractual obligations at the national and international levels. Many problems have occurred in the world after Corona various invaded countries of the world. Which necessitated studying it and coming up with a jurisprudential legal opinion about the problems that occurred in the contracts concluded before Covid-19, whose implementation postponed until his time. This research comes to answer a set of questions that concerns the legal problems of developments in contractual obligations in the time of Covid-19 that make contractual obligations negatively affected by Covid-19. The scientific material for this study divided into two chapter. The first chapter was devoted to the definition of COVID-19 and its legal framework. The second chapter deals with the consequences of COVID-19 along with jurisprudential-legal opinions about the problems that occurred, and the research followed by mentioning the most important outcomes and recommendations.


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